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It’s Adam’s vision to positively impact lives around the globe while practicing conscious capitalism.



Adam Vincent Gilmer is a sought after marketing and branding consultant.

Born in Johannesburg South Africa and emigrating to the USA, Adam distributes products through major Network Marketing companies, retail and convenience stores like 7-Eleven, as well as wholesale buying clubs like Costco.

With over 30 years of direct sales experience, Direct to consumer, Convince Stores, Multi-Level (MLM), Merchandising, product launches, entry into the marketplace, his network can help distribute your products with specialized experts. Adam knows buyers, PR, TV, Infomercial, Social Media Marketing & branding.

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Adam is a talented speaker and motivator, extremely knowledgeable in business, promoting products and services to individuals as well as major companies. He has a humorous, charismatic charm that captures his audience’s attention. He inspires his listeners to strive to do their best and brings out a contagious energy that moves people into action.



Utilizing his years of experience in the network marketing and the direct sales industries, Adam has served as consultant to several companies, providing expertise to create revenue and solve problems. He has also negotiated the terms and conditions of products and services or personal contracts between productive individual networks and the corporate sides of their prospective companies.


Adam has also mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and continues to share his unique insights, gained from the many lessons learned by his own path to success and the additional ideas, tips and strategies collected from his mentors and super-achievers he has had the opportunity to work and consult with every day.

Through Adam's global travel and inspirational speaking engagements, he has had a direct impact on the lives and careers of countless sales, product and marketing professionals. Adam serves to actively mentor and teach wherever he can.


8020365 Success System

Life's Planning System:


As an avid purveyor and practiced user of the 80/20 principle, Adam has boiled down his best philosophies and productivity enhancements into a series of audios and his 80/20 workbook which is used in workshops around the globe.



Adam is an active Family man. He adores his son Adam James, his daughter Alexa and his life partner, his very significant other, his wife Jessica Maria Gilmer. The love and support that comes from family is as important to him as the air we breath. To Adam all of this combined make him invincible.

One of my fondest moments in life was becoming a father to my son Adam James Gilmer whom I am wildly affectionate and also my life partner and very significant other and wife Jessica Maria Gilmer. The love and support that comes form family is as important as air and richer than rarest of jewels the finest gold and other precious metals. All of which for me make a man invincible.



Adam Vincent Gilmer has dedicated decades to the study and practice of Vilfredo Pareto's 80/20 principle. He has applied this thinking to his own lifestyle as well as several successful companies to generate a cohesive network of efficiency that promotes better teamwork and ultimately higher profits and greater incomes. Ultimately the outcome, once observed, practiced and learned, is greater results in life and the never ending pursuit of balance 

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