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8020365 PODCAST - Episode 3 "Finding your Purpose"

Updated: Jan 6, 2021


On today's show Adam Vincent Gilmer introduces you to "Finding your Purpose." Now that you are this far, we highly recommend that you purchase a copy of Adam’s “Daily Planner” so you can not only follow along, but really start to live a life well planned. The planner will give your life direction and start finding balance in the “Wheel of Life.” So, what is your purpose? What were you meant to do in this life? Are you living your life on purpose or just wondering around with no direction? Adam has a series of questions you can ask yourself and you’ll discover your purpose in life. Its simple and easy. And remember, come back every week for a new episode or binge listen if you like. Its up to you, but most of all, enjoy, learn and grow for your best life ever.

Listen to the podcast on Apple iTunes or Spotify.

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